AASP/NJ Offers Compliance Packages at NORTHEAST 2006

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AASP/NJ Offers Compliance Packages at NORTHEAST 2006


Responding to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ-MVC)’s notice informing all New Jersey licensed collision shops that the NJ-MVC is presently conducting compliance inspections, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) will provide member shops with an exclusive compliance package at this year’s NORTHEAST 2006 trade show. NORTHEAST 2006 will be held March 24, 25, & 26, at the Rockland Community College Arena in Suffern, NY.


The compliance package was specifically designed by AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant to bring New Jersey shops into compliance. Bryant has worked closely with the NJ-MVC over the past few years and gained insight into the many facets of getting shops into compliance. “This is just one more reason to attend NORTHEAST 2006,” AASP/NJ


President Tom Elder says. “Right now, compliance is the major issue for collision shops in New Jersey. Charlie has put together a hell of a package that AASP/NJ is extremely proud of. The NJ-MVC has also very happy with the package. In fact, in some instances, we have heard the NJ-MVC go into shops, see our compliance package and acknowledge the shop is making an effort to comply. When they see the package, they know the shop is on top of things.”


The compliance package is exclusive to AASP/NJ member shops. “AASP/NJ had advance warning that the inspections were going to be taking place and prepared a full compliance package that has been approved by the NJ-MVC,” Bryant says. “We feel this is something that shows our members that their membership dollars work. We want to make sure all of the shops in New Jersey are licensed and in compliance. A great way for shops to accomplish that is by joining AASP/NJ. NORTHEAST 2006 gives them a perfect opportunity.”