AASP/NJ Schedules Aluminum Training Courses

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On June 24 and 26, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) will host Larry Montanez of P&L Consultants for two special Aluminum Repair Training Meetings designed to give attendees a real-world glimpse of some of the crucial things they need to know in order to tackle repair of these vehicles.
The June 24 gathering will be held at the Holiday Inn in Totowa; the June 26 meeting will be hosted at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Toms River.

The evening seminars will provide an overview of new metals and other substrates, aluminum repair equipment requirements and unknown procedures. Attendees will receive a training certificate that will qualify toward renewal of their 2014 New Jersey Auto Body License. “We are working hard to provide shops with the tools and information they need to survive and thrive in these technologically challenging times,” AASP/NJ President Jeff McDowell says. “Larry is a widely-respected industry figure and his knowledge of this subject is unmatched. We’re happy to give our members the opportunity to stay ahead of the game.”

AASP/NJ encourages members and non-members alike to attend these classes and heed the information and advice offered. In Montanez’s mind, any shop that attempts to repair aluminum without proper knowledge and training could be putting their livelihoods at considerable risk. “Within another year or two when these vehicles become popular, a good percentage of the shops will be buying back those cars – so much so that they might be out of business.”

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