Mike Anderson’s Estimating Profits Seminar Coming in January

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Mike Anderson’s Estimating Profits Seminar Coming in January

AASP/NJ is pleased to announce that Mike Anderson, once of the country’s most sought-after collision repair industry speakers, will be presenting his acclaimed seminar, “Profitable Estimating– Educate: Not Alienate,” on January 24 & 25 at association chapter meetings in Totowa and Toms River. Attendees who attend the seminar (which is certified by the Automotive Management Institute [AMI]), receive a copy of Mike’s one-of-a-kind estimating “Bible,” a binder chock-full of useful, not-included items, P-Pages from all three major information providers, copies of trade publication articles and OEM information that assists the user in educating adjusters about why certain procedures are essential for the proper repair of a vehicle.

Mike Anderson is the owner of Wagonwork Collision Centers, located in Alexandria, Virginia. Mike serves on the Mitchell and Motor Advisory Boards, and the ASE test review committee. Mike is active in the industry as a member of WMABA, CIC, SCRS, CAPA and the National Auto Body Council and serves as a Skills USA/VICA Contest Chairman

Anderson is an acclaimed source throughout the industry, and has presented his seminars to groups across the country, including Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Boston, Washington, DC, Canada and Mexico. Participants in Mike Anderson’s seminars consistently rate them as exceeding their expectations and highly recommend his seminars to others, providing CSI results any automotive repair shop would be proud of.