NORTHEAST® 2015 Registration Opens as AASP/NJ Unveils New Website Design

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The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) has recently unveiled a new website design at to streamline the organization of the upcoming 38th annual NORTHEAST 2015 Automotive Services Show. NORTHEAST, which will be held March 20-22 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, is the largest regional trade show of its kind in the country. A multitude of exhibitors and guests from around the world come every year – from Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey to Canada and Japan – to partake in this educational and networking event. This year, the number of exhibitors is growing faster than ever before, with booth sales already up 58-percent from where they were at this time last year. Because of this rapid influx of participants, the new website will showcase not only a new, sleek design to make it easier to locate desired information with minimum effort, but also a revamped floor plan page that will facilitate the management of the show for both the administration and the exhibitors.

In the past, the floor plan page was a flat design depicting the general layout of the convention floor. The new page eliminates any potentially ensuing struggle or confusion through a user-friendly design that differentiates the various statuses of booths on the floor. The interactive page allows vendors to see which booths are occupied, unoccupied and reserved in the layout of the trade show in real time.

“We’re bringing NORTHEAST to the next level,” says AASP/NJ President Jeff McDowell. “We’ve been consistently growing in size and we’ve finally found a way to accommodate the huge jumps we’ve had in participation. Our industry is constantly changing and becoming more technological. Here’s one way that we’re keeping up with it. Keep an eye out for other ways that we will be using technology to move things forward.”

At the time of this writing, a number of vendors have already signed up, almost five months in advance for this event. These vendors include such industry heavy hitters as Accudraft, Car-O-Liner, Axalta, BASF, Valspar and ProSpot, among many others. Online pre-registration is open NOW. Check out the new website, as well as issues of New Jersey Automotive for updates on this event.

For the latest on AASP/NJ’s flagship event, NORTHEAST® 2015, visit, the NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show on Facebook, the NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show YouTube page ( or on Twitter @AASPNJNORTHEAST.