Thomas Greco Awarded SCRS Lifetime Achievement Award

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During its 2016 Corporate Member Recognition & Awards Luncheon in Seattle on April 20, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) honored publisher Thomas Greco with the association’s Regional Lifetime Achievement Award for his ongoing efforts to strengthen and inform the collision repair industry.

“It’s always an honor to present an award to anybody, because when they are selected by our committee or proposed by somebody in the industry, they’re obviously well deserving and they’ve done such great deeds for the industry,” said SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg of the automotive industry veteran during his introduction speech. “This individual has spent a career giving a printed voice to states in need of a way to communicate with their members [and] a way to project what happens within a meeting room or within a Board room or things along those lines. The individual has provided that opportunity to more than five state associations – Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey. That’s a lot of people within this industry who are touched because of the passion and the tireless dedication exhibited by this individual… Since 2008, they’ve been responsible for not only communicating in print, but for gathering the industry together by developing shows and places where professionals can come together and exchange ideas and thoughts and information – not only informing the industry, but helping it to grow internally and externally…He continually brings those up from very early in their career and finds ways to advance them in this industry and advance the messages. Because of that, we’re offering Tom Greco a Regional Lifetime Achievement Award for the industry.”

“Honestly, at first it was a shock,” says Greco from TGP’s corporate headquarters in Nutley, NJ. “I had no idea that this was happening. I am the kind of person who likes to stay in the background. But to be acknowledged for this award, especially by an organization as influential as SCRS, is a truly amazing honor.

“I have been working with SCRS for almost three decades,” he adds. “When I first started Greco Publishing in 1989, I had already known then-SCRS Executive Director John Loftus through my work on various publications. Around 1990, we began publishing a monthly publication for them called Collision Repair Specialist. Since that time, we have worked with SCRS continually on all of our publications.”

Once the award was shipped to New Jersey and he had it in his hands, Greco took the time to briefly reflect.

“Most of my closest friends are from this industry,” he says. “The loyalty and camaraderie is unlike any other. So many people have helped me along the way. I would never have been able to accomplish what I have without the greatest help from associations like AASP/NJ, AASP/MA, WMABA, AASP-MN, SCRS and WACTAL. Just as importantly, the people I have had work for me over the years have been incredible. It may be my name on the door, but they are the ones who are the heart and soul of the company. I accept this award as much for them as I do myself.”

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