AASP/NJ: The Voice of the Automotive Repair Industry

Founded in 1963, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers/New Jersey (AASP/NJ), the state’s largest association of collision and mechanical repairers, is dedicated to the success of New Jersey’s automotive repairers. AASP/NJ provides the technical expertise, management information and resources necessary to help repairers succeed in today’s competitive automotive industry.

AASP/NJ understands the trends that affect our industry. We work with today’s rapidly changing technology, tougher regulatory environment and increasingly savvy competition to help repairers understand how these issues affect the success of their business as well as the industry at-large. We see both the large and small pictures.


(L-R) AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant and President Jeff McDowell pose with NJ-MVC Chief Administrator Raymond Martinez (center) at the Association's annual meeting.

(L-R) AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant and President Jeff McDowell pose with NJ-MVC Chief Administrator Raymond Martinez (center) at the Association’s annual meeting.

AASP/NJ sets the standard for quality, relevant educational programming for the automotive service industry; by “quality,” we mean bringing in top professionals – the best and brightest from across the country – to deliver a full calendar of management and technical training programs.

Our programs are “relevant” as well, speaking not only to issues of an independent shop owner, but also tackling much larger industry trends that will shape and influence day-to-day operations. The depth and breadth of AASP/NJ’s educational programs are unparalleled and designed to help our members improve the success of their businesses.

Independent shop owners face many challenges, but lose the opportunity to influence important policies affecting the entire industry when they don’t speak at all. However, as a united voice through AASP/NJ, hundreds of independent operators extend their reach, express their views and shape their own destinies.

We constantly disseminate educational material and hold seminars for the benefit of the industry as it may relate to technical, management, or legal information. It is the goal of AASP/NJ to provide a forum for members of the industry to exchange ideas, learn new techniques and improve the quality of service provided to the public and the quality of life of those engaged in this industry.

As an advocate for the independent automotive service industry, we take a stand, consistently producing direct and positive results affecting the day-to-day operations of the repairer’s business. We make it easier for their voice to be heard.

AASP/NJ Industry activities include:

  • Student scholarships
  • SkillsUSA participation and sponsorship
  • Secondary and post-secondary outreach programs
  • I-CAR, ASE and AMI involvement
  • Relationships with insurers, suppliers and educators
  • Ongoing communication with auto manufacturers and new car dealers
  • AAIA, ASA, MEA and SCRS participation

It means something to be a member of AASP/NJ. It means being committed to higher standards and a level of pride and professionalism found only in those shops that are “a cut above.” Through their involvement in the association, our members demonstrate their commitment to the principles of the AASP/NJ. AASP/NJ represents the best independent operators in the automotive service industry; it’s where proven shops belong.