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AASP/NJ is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the automotive repair professional through information; education; legislation; consumer awareness; and business resources. AASP/NJ…is committed to informing the motoring public of their automotive repair rights, and works to improve the image of the automotive repair industry. AASP/NJ…is actively involved in legislative efforts to protect the economic investments of both the automotive repair professional and the motoring public. AASP/NJ…is working in cooperation with related industry organizations, both within New Jersey and nationally, to achieve its objectives.

 Why Belong To and Support the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey?

One of the most frequently asked questions with regard to membership in the AASP/NJ is: “What can the Association do for me?” The answer, quite frankly, depends on you.

What you get out of any Association is directly proportional to what you put in. The greatest benefit of any Association is the networking and camaraderie that takes place between members. But to gain from this you must participate … an investment of time and effort in association activities.

There are many benefits that accrue simply from belonging – discounted training programs for your employees; check guarantee program discounts; credit card processing discounts; information loaded website and members only access; discounts on labor guides and ASE test preparation manuals; a labor pool to gain employees; repair and estimating system discounts; uniform and linen supply discounts; waste management discounts; local chapter meetings; garage insurance discounts and dividend program; full time lobbyist; assistance with business problems and “Government Agencies”; full time Hot Line service to answer industry and insurance claim questions, the privilege of meeting with your peers, educational programs, and much more. All of these benefits are listed and explained on the AASP/NJ website under benifits. Your greatest benefit, again, is your networking and association with your peers, coming only from your direct personal involvement.

The reason to join and participate is simple, and it involves the same principles that apply to one”s business. A businessperson invests money, time and energy to make the business successful. The same holds true for association membership, which will reflect on your business. There are certain functions and services that the association can perform, but to be most successful in its efforts, the association requires the physical, as well as the fiscal, support and involvement of its members. It needs the collective thinking of all concerned to formulate plans; and it requires the physical effort of its members to put those plans into operation.

The intent of this paper is to address these issues while providing reasons why membership in the AASP/NJ is a sound investment for business that are serious about their role in the automotive industry in New Jersey.


Things You Should Know When Considering Membership in the AASP/NJ

Business consultants say eighty five percent (85%) of all business failures occur in businesses who are not members of their Trade Association.

As an automotive repair professional, membership in your industry”s trade association signifies to consumers, state and national legislature and your peers of your commitment to preserving the professionalism of the auto repair business. Membership demonstrates your interest in staying abreast of the current legislative and technology advancements affecting your business.

The automotive industry is under siege. Insurance companies are reporting record high profits while collision shops are struggling to pay the bills. Automobile manufacturers are refusing to furnish the information and tools necessary to diagnose, service and repair a motor vehicle in a timely, reliable and affordable manner. Certain automobile manufacturers are even refusing to sell the parts required to repair specific automobiles and forcing consumers to go back to the dealer or dealer selected limited facilities to have repairs performed at extremely high rates, like it or not. The NJ-MVC is changing the State Safety Inspection Program to allow vehicles to pass inspection with only an advisory to correct problems that would normally cause the vehicle to fail inspection. State and Government Agencies are stepping up compliance and enforcement activities. Our industry has been overtaken by the greed of insurers and automobile manufacturers and State Agencies are weakening the inspection program in a way that will eliminate a large amount of work in our facilities and result in unsafe vehicles on our roads. Although the AASP/NJ is already addressing all of these issues, our voice does not seem to be loud enough to get the action required to prevent the harm being caused to the industry. We need more members for a stronger voice. The industry needs to quickly unite and address the problems in a united effort that will allow us to take back control of our industry. .

The problems facing our industry today affect every automotive business, both collision and mechanical, no matter how large or small. And, since no one individual could possibly begin to solve these problems alone, each should join in a collective effort to protect his business investment. Sure, you can deal with your problems alone and get information independently, but do you have the time, patients and energy to deal with the hassles involved in doing so?

The AASP/NJ is working constantly in your interest and keeping you informed of the latest developments, which might vitally affect your business, and advising you how to meet the situation, which frees your time up to pay more attention to running your business. Statistics show that the business owner who is out in front and successful has an organization behind them, helping them get ahead. It takes strength in numbers and concerted action to accomplish anything worthwhile. It is a proven fact that more can be accomplished collectively than individually. Even when your personal or business problems command your full attention, the AASP/NJ officers, director and staff keep working your interest.

The AASP/NJ has a close watch on pulse of the industry and we listen carefully to our members when they speak. We act when required and provide a strong voice for independent automotive repair businesses. We often provide channels for our member”s voice to be heard directly and sometimes ask our members to write letters or make phone calls. But for the most part, we speak for our members and continuously seek new additional benefits and look to provide training and educational programs that add value to belonging to the AASP/NJ.

Joining and maintaining your membership and supporting the efforts of AASP/NJ gives the officers, directors and staff a vote of confidence in them, which provides the fuel that drives them to work hard in an effort to make the industry better.

Specific Reasons to Belong to the Alliance of Automotive Service

Providers of New Jersey

The Voice of the Automotive Repair Industry


  • Being a member and participating in the AASP/NJ provides you with the opportunity to help establish industry positions on issues being considered by the government and legislature before they become requirements
  •  The AASP/NJ is often called upon to speak for the industry as a whole. By becoming a member and participating in the AASP/NJ, you will ensure that your opinions will become part of that response
  •  As a member of the AASP/NJ you have a voice in your industry, similar to the voice you have in your community through your vote and civic activities
  •  Membership and participation in the AASP/NJ gives your company that level of professionalism that consumers perceive as more coconscious and professional business owners
  •  The AASP/NJ keeps you informed on industry issues with the AASP/NJ monthly newsletter


  • Full time Hot Line Service to answer industry and insurance claim questions
  •  The AASP/NJ monitors and lobbies for and against legislation in your behalf and safeguards your interests in Trenton, the industry”s corridors of power
  •  The AASP/NJ can achieve success in the governmental or regulatory sphere where a single owner cannot, generally due to fund raising and their collective expertise
  •  The AASP/NJ offers continuing education and training programs at locations within a reasonable distance
  •  Your business and website is listed and linked to the AASP/NJ website for free
  •  You gain valuable contacts, exchange ideas with peers and share experiences
  • You gain ideas and information by attending the meetings
  • AASP/NJ provides information to enhance your business
  • AASP/NJ provides Access to professionals to assist your business through hot line services
  • The AASP/NJ provides on-line membership directory that can be viewed by consumers on our Information Packed Website
  •  The AASP/NJ provides you with a strong, effective voice in support of the automotive industry”s interests
  • The AASP/NJ provides assistance with locating much needed employees through its Labor Pool
  • The AASP/NJ assist members in locating used equipment through its Equipment Exchange
  • The AASP/NJ keeps members informed with monthly news bulletins about industry issues and events and other topics relevant to the automotive industry on our information packed website
  •  Members receive the official AASP/NJ Trade Publication which features different members business on a regular basis
  • You are represented at formal and informal meetings, eliminating surprises and misunderstandings of regulation interpretation.
  • At the annual Trade-show, members receive information on the latest in products and services available to them in the industry
  • Today, it”s easy to feel overwhelmed with the quickly changing information necessary to keep in compliance with the ever changing laws and regulations. The AASP/NJ continuously strives to keep members abreast of the latest changes in the laws, rules and regulations
  • AASP/NJ members get exceptional discounts from our benefit providers on a number of products and services ranging from check guarantee programs to garage insurance. In some cases, taking advantage of only one of the benefits can more than compensate the member for the cost of membership
  • Belonging to the AASP/NJ isn”t a cost of doing business — it”s an investment with immediate returns. Your valuable member benefits and services not only quickly save you more than the cost of membership; they put you at the threshold of opportunity day after day
  • The member who really gets the most out of his membership is the active member. He attends the meetings, events, conventions, participates in the association activities and takes advantage of the benefits provided and supports the efforts of the association.

Are you supporting the AASP/NJ?

Are you giving back something to the industry?

Or, are you making withdrawals and no deposits?

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