Bob Everett Joins AASP/NJ Hall of Fame

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Bob Everett Joins AASP/NJ Hall of Fame


The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ)’s former president, Bob Everett, became the 25th member of the association’s Hall of Fame at the NORTHEAST 2007 show held in March.


Everett, owner of Bayville Auto Care in Bayville, served as AASP/NJ President during 2005-2006.


“I am thrilled and honored to be elected into a very exclusive club,” Everett says. “I always felt it was my duty to contribute to the association whether I was an officer or not. During that time, I think we made some great advancements with regard to AASP/NJ’s Mechanical Division. “

Everett’s humility hides the fact that he worked extremely hard and became a pioneer as the almost 50-year-old association’s first non-collision president. “Bob was absolutely a pioneer,” AASP/NJ President Tom Elder says. “He almost single-handedly developed our Mechanical Division into one of action and influence. His dedication to the Mechanical Division has been unmatched in AASP/NJ. His leadership was instrumental to the association’s success on every level.”