AASP/NJ Holds Certification Meetings for Collision Repairers

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 AASP/NJ Holds Certification Meetings for Collision Repairers


The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ), the state’s largest association of collision and mechanical repairers, recently held a series of auto body license renewal certification meetings throughout the state. Over 150 members attended meetings in Toms River, Lebanon and Totowa, NJ.


“We are making every attempt to make sure our members are properly trained and certified to repair vehicles in the state of New Jersey,” AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant says. “These meetings were of great importance and those who attended left not only with training but with a certificate required by the state.”


The seminar presented at the meetings was titled “Welding Training on New Types of Boron Steel & Related Metals in Modern Vehicles” and presented by Dave Gruskos of Reliable Equipment. “The changes in the collision repair industry occur on a daily basis,” Bryant added. “This seminar is educational, topical and essential to our members. Presenting them the way we do keeps our members up-to-date as well as preparing them for future changes in the industry.”


AASP/NJ plans to schedule more meetings in order to have every last member certified. “I feel it’s part of our job to make sure all of our members are in compliance with any requirement…whether it be the state, OSHA, etc.,” Bryant says. “And we will continue to put together programs that insure that. “