AASP/NJ Steps Up Mechanical Efforts

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AASP/NJ Steps Up Mechanical Efforts


The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) is making an all-effort to boost their Mechanical Division this fall. The association, which is the state’s largest association of collision and mechanical repairers, has prepared a questionnaire for its mechanical members that was recently faxed and emailed.


“We are looking to become more pro-active on the mechanical front,” says AASP/NJ President Tom Elder. “Our first step is to find out what our members’ goals are, and then see what we can do to help them reach those goals.”


The effort is also in place to increase the mechanical membership. “Our plan is increase our services to the Mechanical Division and in turn spur interest in non-members to join,” says AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant. “There are many mechanical shops out here with no voice whatsoever. We can provide that voice as well as provide many benefits to help the shop owners become better businessmen.”


AASP/NJ’s most recent battle on the mechanical front has been with NJ’s latest attempt to lesson the state inspection program, putting more of a hardship on independent mechanical shops. “That battle isn’t over yet,” Bryant add. “But if we had more mechanical members, we’d have a better chance of winning these issues. I can’t stress enough how important it is to become a part of AASP/NJ. Whether it is a legislative issue or an industry issue, there’s always strength in numbers. Ultimately, to get things done the right way, that’s what it’s all about.”