AASP/NJ Labor Pool Offers Shops Help

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The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ)’s Labor Pool has been helping shops find employees and potential employees find shops for years. The exclusive member benefit is a unique concept developed by the association’s Executive Director, Charles Bryant.

“AASP/NJ understands that finding qualified employees in our industry is getting more and more difficult each year,” Bryant says. “It’s not a new problem, but it is one that is increasingly growing with the lack of young technicians coming into the automotive repair industry. The Labor Pool is where we match workers looking for a job with AASP/NJ member shops looking for workers. We ask our members to submit a request and we try to match them up with a qualified person that we have in our directory. We compile the directory from several sources including our members. We tell them if a potential worker comes to or calls your shop looking for work and you don’t need them, refer them to the Labor Pool. They send the names to us and we put them on the list. It has really helped a lot of shops in our state.”

There is no charge to enter the Labor Pool. At the present time, workers in all areas are needed. “If you have a skill related to the automotive industry and are looking for work, don’t wait,” Bryant adds. “Call the AASP/NJ Labor Pool today and let us know that you are available. We may have a job waiting for you.”

For more information on the Labor Pool and AASP/NJ, please contact Charles Bryant at 732-922-8909, or click the linked files below.

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